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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 21, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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so i'm going to dedicate the show at the nokia march 1st to you. and ron, from pennsylvania. i'm saying the sports illustrated swimsuit he digs may be racist, but i'm going to buy a company so i can be upset. (laughter) >> and the factor tip of the day. this morning i got angry, very angry. i was justified. somebody did a bad thing to me. the worst part, i couldn't right the wrong. it drives me crazy. and now, the politically correct thing to do is to control the anger and count to ten. it's not what i did. i walked into a room, closed the door, nobody was there and i let loose for about 30 seconds. very loud, very colorful language. you should have been there. dogs began to bark in the neighborhood, but now what? i felt a lot better and i thought a the lot clearer
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after that. factor tip of the day. that's your anger, be-- vent your anger and be alone when do you it. yes, indeed. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from and also we'd like you to spout off from the factor anywhere in the world., name and town if you wish to opine. brand new word of the day, do not be lungis. if you know this word, if you know that, you're good. you're good. do not be lungis. write the factor. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, that the spin stops right here. so we're definitely looking out for you. >> welcome to hannity tonight for those of you who have not
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heard yet. comments made by rush limbaugh made on this program went viral and caused it to crash because of the traffic. here is what he had to say. >> ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life i am ashamed of my country. to be watching all of this, to be treated, to have my intelligence, all of us to have our common sense and intelligence insul it's being, is -- it just makes me ashamed. seriously, man, i mean, they get worked up over 44 billion dollars, that's the total amount of money that will not be spent that was scheduled to be spent this year. and in truth, we're going to spend more this year than we spent last year.
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we're just not going to spend as much as was projected. it's all baseline budgeting, there is no real cut below a baseline of zero, there just isn't. and yet, here they come, sucking us in, roping us in, panic here, fear there, crisis, destruction, no meat inspection, no cops, no he teachers, no firefighters, no air traffic control. i'm sorry, my days of getting roped into all this are over. we have the media play along with all this. the ruling class, both parties play along with all this. it's insulting, i don't know how else to describe it. i'm into my 25th year. i can't tell you the number of times, it just hit me yesterday. said the same things over and
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over for 25 years, that whether it's the clinton presidency, or the obama presidency, whether it's a pelosi speakership or tom foley who was speaker when i started. it's the same stuff. it's the same threats, it's the same arguments over and over. nothing ever changes. we just keep spending more money. we create more dependency. we get more and more irresponsible, one crisis to the next, all of them manufactured except for the real crisis which nobody ever addresses and that is, he we can't afford any of this. >> joining me now with reaction, fox news political analyst juan williams and the ceo of herman coi maman welcome to fox news. 999. >> welcome aboard. and juan welcomes you. >> i want to say that to him,
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9-9-9, mr. pizza. >> mr. pizza. >> sean: i'll take mine with pineapple and-- well, forget it. (laughter) it's funny because i first saw the headline on drudge today and i thought, all right, what did rush say? i wanted to hear. and i thought about this and i read his comments in total and i started thinking myself about what he was saying. here we live in the greatest country that god gave man, you believe it, juan believes it, rush believes it. it is embarrassing, herman, that so many people are suffering needlessly? it's embarrassing with owealth and all that we have that one in six americans are in poverty, it's embarrassing that we import oil, we have more oil than iran, iraq and saudi arabia combined. it's embarrassing when the president is a demagogue going around the world apologizing for america?
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and these are-- giving egypt f-16's. >> right. >> sean: this is embarrassing. >> this is what rush said. it's insulting to continue to insult the intelligence of the american people. we don't have leaders in elected position, we don't have a leader in the white house, we have a politician that is more concerned about popularity and he intentionally and deliberately, along with the democrats, deceived the american people. that's what rush is saying he's embarrassed about. it is outright deception and i don't have a problem with what he said. he also said it's insulting to not believe that most of the american people have common sense. look, 51% of the voters elected barack obama. 49% of us are not that stupid. that's what he's saying. don't throw all of us in the pie because the 51% put him back in office. it's insulting to the
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intelligence of the american people over and over and over. >> sean: juan williams? >> well, i take a different point of view from my friend herman cain. >> shocker. >> just one of these guys, i thought you two were, who loves america and america first. >> sean: so does rush, rush loves america, too. >> make a mistake, i don't care if you've got a right wing president, a left wing president, this is america, a land of opportunity. nothing to be ashamed about. if you want to blame that crowd maybe go to hollywood and join the celebrities who say they're going to leave the country if their candidate doesn't win the election. what i hear from rush limbaugh, limbaugh is saying i hope he fails. remember when he said that about obama? i don't hope that america fails. >> sean: i did an interview when he said that. and socialism always fails is his point.
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liberals never understand rush. and now i've got the intellectual test for you. not once, but twice, we have the tape. let's listen to what michelle obama said about america. >> sure. >> sean: and let me it will you something, for the first time in my adult life, i am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback. >> for the first time in my adult lifetime i'm proud of my country, and not just because barack has done well, but because i think people are hungry for change. and i have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment. >> sean: she's nearly 40 years old and for the first time in her adult life she's proud of her country? rush-- >> and proud of his country,
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juan. >> not apparently today, rush, he's ashamed and computers blowing up. when michelle obama said that i got in trouble because i was critical of her and i said she couldn't pull this sophie carmichael thing and hope to be a good first lady and she's pulled back. the point is as we deal with this sequestration issue, sean, we have to say how do we get a deal. >> sean: isn't it embarrassing-- >> saying that you're ashamed of america. >> sean: and mr., i want to travel $180,000 an hour, that he can't cut -- that we're going to spend more money this year, as rush just said, than we spent last year and yet, they're demagoguing this issue, putting fear into the hearts of the american people and frankly outright lying while he's still stealing from our children 46 cents of over dollar. >> what's the lie about losing 1.4 million jobs, that's no lie, that's a reality. >> sean: juan. >> juan, for a moment just listen, okay?
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i know it's difficult my brother, but just listen. i'm embarrassed that we have an administration that ignores the debt, ignores an economy that is struggling, remember, it contracted in the last quarter, and it's projected to contract some more in the first and second quarter, ignored 23 million people who are out of work, ignored the fact that unemployment rates are going to go up. ignored 86 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. i'm embarrassed about that because the people in office that could do something about it are not doing anything about it. >> herman cain. >> and don't attack rush limbaugh-- >> herman cain you're a successful businessman and you've just made a bottom line argument that i love. if you look back at the last quarter of last year, what do you see? the defense department pulled spending and what happens? the gdp, the economy slows down. now we're approaching a sequester and pull money helter skelter from every skek tore, what do you think it's
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going to do to our economy. >> juan, you're wrong. >> it's going to hurt america. >> juan, you're dead wrong. those weren't the factors that caused the economy to contract. >> that's what the economy said, herman. >> those are the wrong economists, why don't you listen to 80% that are analyzing all of the factors, that's what they're not doing, juan. >> sean: we've got to take a break. we'll come back and more with juan and herman, new contributor after the break and former new york city mayor rudy guiliani is here to explain why liberals are destroying or deploying these sequestration scare tactics and how the mess can be all attributed back to president obama. and former speaker of the house newt sgingrich is here how they confidence of chuck hagel and a jammed packed edition. and also liz cheney all coming up here on "hannity." with the spark miles card from capital one,
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♪ >> welcome back to "hannity" and continues with juan williams and herman cain. juan, is there anything you look at when america doesn't drill for its own oil. and the other countries that hate us. isn't it embarrassing that a country with our wealth has 50 million americans on food stamps, one in six americans
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in poverty, isn't that embarrassing that we can't fix that problem? you agree with me. and isn't it embarrassing to give the egyptian muslim brotherhood leader f-16's and paying for them and giving them tanks. >> hold on, that's-- we have a relationship with egypt that pre dates the muslim brotherhood taking power. >> sean: they're the ones getting the f-16's. >> okay, but clearly we want influence and you have to be smart how you exercise it and you have to be wise how you try to did. >> sean: one other question, it's embarrassing when the president of the united states goes and apologizes for america. isn't that embarrassing? >> what are you talking about? and it's the day you give me some evidence of an apology tour, i will be the first to agree with you, sean and-- >> remember that, he did it in cairo, herman, you remember. >> wait a minute, you said we need to live up to our values. >> sean: you admitted you were embarrassed, you agree with rush, with me, with herman. >> i'm embarrassed over
6:17 pm
poverty in our country. i don't think that anybody should be denied health care in this country. >> sean: and the president as bad economic policy. >> juan, if you-- >> i see, he caused all the economic problems, i missed that part. >> sean: 16 trillion in debt. >> i missed that. i think a deficit hawk is what i understand. >> juan, i understand you're embarrassed of poverty, but poverty started under lbj and we lost that war, listen to me for a moment. we lost to poverty, the programs of give aways do not work without incentive. this is why more people are going on food stamps and welfare and they're gaming the system. and this administration went so far as to relax the requirements to receive welfare and we wonder why the numbers are going through the roof. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is an administration of free stuff in order to create dependency, pure and simple. >> herman cain, let me say i think that you and sean missed
6:18 pm
out that we went through a teenag terrible recession. >> sean: and five years later. >> and i'm proud that america has a social safety net to take care of children and people who lost their jobs. >> sean: herman cain we're taking a sludge hammer and stealing the pennies, dimes and nickels because they won't have a dime left when obama is done stealing their money. >> dead on the street if you didn't have the social savings. >> sean: herman, hang on. >> he's the food stamp president and these people need help and you'll say don't do it. >> sean: he'll steal from our kids to do it. herman. >> juan, you along with many others are denial, the denial that we need to restructure social security and in denial we need to restructure. >> no. >> yes, you are, because all some of the liberals and democrats talk about is reform. that's an oxymoron, you cannot reform those programs or they will go off the fiscal cliff.
6:19 pm
we need to restructure them and replace the tax code and yes, i'm embarrassed that we don't have leaders in congress or the white house who terry seriously looking at solving the problems instead of putting it off on our kids and our grandkids. >> let me ask herman one follow-up. this is important. this is 1.2 trillion we're borrowing 46 cents of every dollar we spend. >> yes. >> sean: that's taking -- that's stealing from our kids, generational theft. so my question to you is that's only 85 billion dollars a year. if we can't cut 85 billion out of 3.8 trillion, you know, john sununu said, we're screwed. >> here is-- let's put it in another perspective. we are asking, the sequester is asking government in washington, the political class, to cut 2%. that's it. working americans took a 2% hit on payroll taxes and we have to suck it up and we have to make due without that 2%
6:20 pm
that we had last year and now, it's going back down on top of an increasing gasoline prices. what's wrong with that. >> the bottom line and-- >> let me-- >> the bottom line, let me speak to our economy. >> the bottom line is simply the political class do not want to cut spending. that's the bottom line. >> wait a second, hold on. the two of you guys, sean and herman, i want some intellectual honesty from the right here, didn't the majority of the house republicans and speaker boehner vote for this indiscriminate cut that we call the sequester. >> sean: they didn't like it, but it was obama's idea. >> they voted for it. >> demonizing it the way that obama is. >> no, now they say they have leverage to force obama to make cuts indescriminately and i'm saying why don't they negotiate with the president and come up with a compromise that would serve the american people. >> sean: i've got to break. do you see how hard my job is.
6:21 pm
now that you're part of the family and this guy all of these years. >> i'm going to give juan credit for one thing. you have passed liberal talking point school with a-plus. >> oh, get out of town, get out of here. >> congratulations. (laughter) summa cum laude. >> you ran for president, but you're at fox now. put on your hard hat. (laughter) . >> sean: game on, juan. >> game on. >> sean: good to see you both. and coming up next. >> whose idea was the sequester? >> it was the white house, it was obama and jack lew. >> sean: obama's idea. former new york city mayor rudy guiliani weighs in on the flip-flop on sequestration and troubling and disconcerting three very jarring words used by a group of 15 senators in a
6:22 pm
word to the president discussing chuck hagel's lack of qualifications to be the defense secretary. newt gingrich is here and does he agree with those comments and also liz cheney and much more as "hannity" unfolds. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ]
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>> welcome back to "hannity."
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now, president obama and his liberal allies are in damage control mode. they're trying to deflect blame when it comes to the looming sequester cuts, but the president's past comments are coming back to haunt him. for example, remember this from last fall. >> first of all, the sequester is not something that i proposed. it's something that congress has proposed. it will not happen. >> well, mr. president, it looks like it will happen as the automatic cuts are slated to go into effect next week and now the rnc has a new web ad reminding people whose idea this whole thing was in the first place. >> watch this. >> whose idea was the sequester? >> it was the white house, it was obama and lew and nabors. >> i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts, domestic and defense spending. >> that's why it's so troubling that just ten days from now congress might allow
6:27 pm
a series of automatic severe budget cuts to take place that will do the exact opposite. >> and joining me now with reaction, former new york city mayor rudy guiliani, he was before it before-- it was his idea and now it's doom and gloom and dumb and stupid? what are we to make of that? >> well, sean, first of all, he just wasn't telling the truth. he did that during the debate, remember, with mitt romney, he said it wasn't his idea and of course, bob woodward pointed out in his book that it was his idea, jack lew's idea, they're the one who proposed this. it was always a terrible idea. one of the dumbest things a president had ever proposed and the damage it's going to do particularly to our military and to our defense, his present secretary of defense said, it would be catastrophic. >> sean: you see-- >> the reason he's getting a
6:28 pm
new secretary of defense. >> sean: i think those are the cuts he wants. only thing he wanted to cut, when he talks about the cuts that are really the thing. look, the thing is really driving this budget totally the out of control is health care spending. and the president has only talked about, he hasn't done it, but talked about modest cuts to health care. modest cuts to health care are not going to help. i mean, we're going to have to do something really serious. we're spending a trillion dollars a year, more than we have. and we've been doing it every year he's been president. no other president has ever done this kind of spending. nobody's even ever been close to blame this on bush is ridiculous. bush is spending-- bush was an amateur, this guy is a professional at overspending. >> sean: that's a good way to put it. he's also a demagogue. you know, there comes a point where this becomes comical. dirty air, water, republicans hate children and doom and gloom and lying apocalyptic, book of revelation, end of times predictions.
6:29 pm
>> it's, you know, the i mean the people who really don't like children are the people that are saddling children with a tremendous debt. i mean, the president is stealing from their piggy banks? >> well, exactly. i mean, this is borrowing enormous amounts of money that our children are going to have to pay back. and our children are going to have to see the disaster of an economy that shrinks as a result of this heavy debt. we're not meeting our responsibility of paying our bills. we're not meeting our responsibility of paying the things that we want to consume and we're moving it on to our children and our grandchildren and no generation of american has ever done it to the extent that we're doing it and we should be ashamed of ourselves. >> you know, let me ask you the media side of this because democracy does not work until the media is out there doing their job. so, help me out with this, they have never gone into the debt issue because the president said george bush was unpatriotic, irresponsible, 4 trillion dollars in eight
6:30 pm
years and he has 6 trillion in four years. they've got nuclear missiles flying over guam and chinese are hacking into our commuters, the only thing the media cares about, they want a picture of president obama with tiger woods and if he wants to cut, maybe they should stop taking separate vacations and so many vacations. just the thought of the media wanted to go after that. >> of course, they won't do that. i mean, the reality is, he doesn't have to reinvent the wheel. ronald reagan did this, ronald reagan got control of a totally out of control budget that jimmy carter left him. an out of control economy and straightened it out. not only did he not cut our military he increased our military and outspent the soviet union out of oblivion according to gorbachev. so ronald reagan got control of our budget and making our
6:31 pm
military the strongest in the the world and we're facing just an untold number of threats right now and plus the thing that i worry about the most is, when we cut our military, particularly our navy. we encourage the wrong people in china to want to challenge us instead of keeping the gap between us so great that china won't challenge us. >> sean: i would like to know what is he going to do to stop the chinese hacking. what did he do when he found out the russians were flying over our air space with nuclear welcomes and why was he for the sequester and now against the sequester. he never gets asked any questions about the suckup, kiss his back side media personalities out there. it's unbelievable and i watched you as mayor, you got hammered by the new york media and you bantered back and forth with them. >> i was he better for it and so were the people of new york. in reality. i was checked and balanced by the press every single day.
6:32 pm
>> sean: you were chris christie before chris christie. >> i fought back and helped me stay on my toes and helped me avoid big mistakes and cancel mistakes as they were proceeding. the press is not doing its job at all with this president. and by giving him a free ride, ultimately we're going to pay the price. a trillion dollars a year more per year every year he's been mayor. no president has ever done that to us. no president has ever done that to our children. >> sean: it's scary and we literally are stealing from our children and robbing them blind. >> no question about it, sean. >> sean: we've got to do something and get away with it. this is 85 billion a year, we'll spend more this year with the sequester than we spent last year and it's not the doom and gloom he's saying. all right. >> he can't propose any kind of serious cuts and talks about modest cuts. he doesn't propose the modest cuts much less cuts that make sense.
6:33 pm
>> sean: this is doing the math. mr. mayor, good to see you. >> good to see you, sean. >> sean: and mr. obama acknowledged 15 senators requesting that he withdraw his pick for defense secretary. newt gingrich to respond and a new attack is upon us as chinese hackers, a treasure trove of information is in the hands of the chinese. don't forget, log on to your companion site and share your thoughts we want to hear what you have to say on the pending sequestration and more, go to hannity live when "hannity" continues. back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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>> welcome back to "hannity." now, trouble continues to brew in d.c. for president obama's pick to see the next defense secretary and earlier today senator john cornyn, for
6:38 pm
resignation. senator hagel's confirmation hearing was deeply concerning leading to his basic doubts to meet the substantial demands of the office. and on key national security issues are troubling enough and his statements regarding iran is disconcerting. and joining me is former speaker of the house and presidential candidate newt gingrich. you've been around washington a long time was that the single worst confirmation hearing you've ever witnessed? >> well, i was certainly on the short list and i think that what you're seeing happen is that the longer people look at chuck hagel as an administrator, as an executive and we're not talking now about one out of 100 u.s. senators we're talking about the guy who is going to run the department of defensea very economically and a very difficult period of constant change around the world.
6:39 pm
and one of the things that's coming clear is that he didn't do his homework, he wasn't prepared to talk about the issues. and you have to wonder how hard he'd work at being secretary of defense. i mean, it may well be thats' very good as a candidate and very good being a senator, but he may not have the right temperament and the right training to be the chief executive of a enormous oranges in the department of defense. >> then we've got a cia appointee that thinks jihad is a legitimate tenant of islam. help me out here. >> well-- >> yeah. >> there are two different stories coming on in parallel here. the hagel story is a story of having lived between radical and erattic positions and not doing his homework well and not capable of governing and running the defense department at a time when the budget pressures are going to make it a very, very big job. the problem at the cia is two fold. one of course as you point
6:40 pm
out. that you have a nominee who at best has really strange ideas about radical islam, talked at what point finding moderates in hezbollah and doesn't make sense at all. the other thing going on here is ironically the obama white house is sounding like the bush white house. the senators and the congressmen want to see the legal documents na justify killing people with drones and the white house is now taking a bush-like position that they're not going to share with the lawyers and justice wrote up for them and they're going to keep it confidential, even though clearly doesn't come under any kind of executive privilege. now, the reason that that's an amazing thing to watch. everybody on the left mad at bush when he did this. now has this quandary about their president from the left who's now behaving exactly like everything they used to hate. >> wait a minute, by the way,
6:41 pm
he's not called out on it and you know, i said this earlier, the democracy doesn't work until the media does its job. now, think about this. on inauguration day, we have the russians flying over guam with nuclear-tipped missiles and what has the president done about it. we have the chinese hacking into just about anything and everything they possibly can. the president hasn't said a word about it. what is he going to do about that? when given f-16's and tanks to the egyptians that are led by the muslim brotherhood. you know, beam me up, scotty! help me out. >> remember, that after the north koreans had the most recent nuclear test the president in the state of the union said they'll pay a real price for this. they must be laughing all the way to the bank. they've made nothing for for anything in north korea and i suspect they have total
6:42 pm
contempt with the u.s. government with the current leadership. all of this is very dangerous and frankly, what the senators did, they served notice to the president if he insists on hagel, he probably can get him nominated and get him through, but he's now taking on himself, president obama, the responsibility for the defense department and if anything goes wrong on hagel's watch it's going to come right back to the president because he ignored these warnings. >> sean: what are we to make of a news media and you've dealt with the news media and some of your best lines during the presidential debate season had to do with the news media, if i recall. but you have russia circling guam with missiles, nuclear missiles. you've got the chinese hacking our computers. and we've got a news media, we have benghazi, we don't have questions about why security was denied. why we didn't help them that night. why they lied afterwards and the news media, all they seemed to care about is a picture of obama playing golf
6:43 pm
with tiger woods. now, what's wrong with that picture? >> well. >> how does democracy work if the media won't do its job? >> you know, democracy is going to work because between fox news and conservative talk radio and all the different e-mail accounts and facebook we'll keep talking and the news media will keep shrinking in importance. i thought it was hysterical in the weekend somebody wrote a long column about the fact that they had discovered that the obama team manipulates the news media. i don't know if you read this column. >> sean: i know what you're talking about. >> it was hysterical. >> sean: it is. >> and these guys, it all started when they didn't get to meet tiger woods. >> sean: i know, it's our priorities right there. >> and then daddy-- it's like daddy doesn't love us. it's an amazing column. >> sean: here the president pushes sequestration and then
6:44 pm
he deem noises ieses it and we' still have a trillion dollar deficit and spend more money than last year. your reaction to that? >> the republicans have one of the supposedly great opportunities of all time which is to set up a website for a smart sequester and ask the american people to submit every smart thing we ought to be cutting, starting as you pointed out with the president's very expensive trip to florida and let's see if we can't have a people sequester there's a lot smarter than the obama sequester. >> sean: that's a great idea. newt sgingrich. thank you for being with us. >> a pleasure. >> sean: and from law firms to think tanks to agencies are victims ever cyber espionage we were talking about with the chinese, a startling report that will probably make you feel vulnerable.
6:45 pm
when we come back, liz cheney and then this. >> the arrogance of their superiority requires this reminder, they don't rule us, they don't give us rights. we grant them power. >> sean: n.r.a. reveals a powerful ad that puts the gun debate in a very different light and may change some people's minds. we'll play the full ads coming up tonight here on "hannity." constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. (crickets chirping) bill: you might just wanna trade that one in. ♪music announcer: the spring fishing classic starts this weekend at bass pro shops. during our reel trade-in sale save up to $100 more on a new reel when you trade one in. watch this -- alakazam! ♪ male announcer ] staples has always made getting office supplies easy. ♪ another laptop?
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>> welcome back to "hannity." we're learning about a different type of terrorism and according to experts is fully operational and it's called cyber warfare. almost all powerful washington institutions have been hacked by chinese cyber spies. now the list of those hacked in recent years, think tanks, human rights groups and congressional offices and also, we have embassies and contractors and federal agencies. also, experts say the information obtained by the chinese is enough to give them full understanding of our government, our power structure and many secrets and the question is, what are the chinese trying to do with this information and what is the threat level to us here in america? here with reaction to that report, fox news contributor
6:50 pm
liz cheney is back. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: one other question, what is obama doing about it? has he said anything? nothing. >> and they put out a week ago, this cyber security defensive plan, but the plan itself is really inadequate. it gives a year for sort of a national organization to establish standards to protect our businesses to protect the government, and you know, a lot of what we're doing one hopes, we're doing secretly and it ought to be out there classified. and the problem is, however, if you look the at things like the leaks that come out of the program, where we were conducting, apparently, cyber warfare against the nuclear program and the members of the president's own national security team according to the newspaper reports walked out of the meeting in the situation room about that highly classified program and called up the new york times and leaked it. so i don't have a lot of confidence that this administration is in any way at all prepared to be able it defend us or to take the kind of offensive action i hope we're taking.
6:51 pm
>> sean: pretty aggressive by the chinese, don't you think? and also pretty aggressive let's see by north korea and the nuclear testing and iran has been pretty aggressive and not listening to anybody. and egypt even with ahmadinejad, they seem pretty aggressive towards us and stupid enough to give them, let's see f-16's, 1.5 billion taxpayer dollars and tanks. and you know, it's a question, why are we so stupid? i mean, why don't we do anything about it? >> not all of us are, sean. you've certainly been right on this. but it doesn't seem that there are very many people around the world today, certainly not many who wish us ill who fear us anymore, you know, in the midst of all that's going on, in the midst of what we know is a very severe threat from the chinese and russians, and a direct threat for the national security. we learned today, for example, that the iranians made a significant progress according to the iaea in the program, and they put new centrifuges
6:52 pm
in and the united states has lost credibility and the president, as you said earlier, i think is perfectly happy to see our defense systems completely slashed. we're walking away from our obligations and our friends at exactly the moment when the world needs to understand the u.s. will stand up for its interests. >> sean: and on inauguration day we've got the russians circling guam with nuclear weapons. i don't know about you, i haven't heard a single comment from the administration what they're going to do with russia. >> well, in fact, i'm sure you saw the story that john kerry or his secretary of state placed phone calls to many of his colleagues, including the russian foreign minister and the russians didn't call him back for i think over a week. >> sean: i have to give them credit for that, probably pretty smart. >> good judgment. >> sean: sorry, a dig for kerry. >> i'm not going to defend john kerry on that one. no, i think it tells you how little regard they have for the united states and they've got, they're watching our president nominate to be somebody who is secretary of
6:53 pm
defense who believes in global zero not to mention is incompetent and the president believes if we cut our own nuclear stock piles, if we cut our own strategic weapons systems then the others in the world, those rogue nations are somehow going to follow suit. it's all a recipe that is very dangerous to the united states and i really hope that we see republicans in congress and the smart democrats in congress stand up against it. because it's not a road we can afford to go down. >> sean: if you look at iraq, iran, pakistan, afghanistan, libya, africa, north africa, the rise of the radical islamists, the middle east, you look at egypt, instability in syria, impacting neighboring states, jordan, position. then you've got china and then you've got north korea, i don't see that we're engaged at all. it's almost like we're disengaged. it's almost like we don't see the threat and by not leading, that vacuum is being filled in
6:54 pm
most cases seemingly by the extremists, do you see it that way? >> absolutely. the president in the meantime is nominating the b-team at best. >> sean: the b-team? the f-team. >> for national security. and it's situation where he's not nominating people who now how to engage, what it takes to engage from a position of strength, but at the end of the day it comes back to president obama, he has come into office,'s been very clear, he wants to weaken the united states. he want to diminish our power in the wormed. he doesn't believe the united states should be the preeminent power in the world and when look the at the list you mentioned now, all that have is coming, is bearing fruit and we're seeing what happens when america's enemies are boulder, are stronger, are more willing to stand up for what they believe in than we are to stand up for what we believe in. >> sean: i think it shows that when america doesn't lead, that void is going to be filled and the void is being filled by radicals and i keep saying and i think you'll agree that we'll look back at
6:55 pm
this time frame, the rise of the radicals. it may be a precursor to world war 3, i hope i'm wrong, i pray him' wrong. >> the president in the meantime looking in the other direction and pivoting to asia and see the news reports in the latest reports that hacking is coming directly out of an address we know is run by the people's liberation army, the pivot to asia doesn't seem to be working out well either? don't worry the media, the media is all over it. they're asking about pictures with tiger woods. >> tiger woods, right. >> sean: they don't care about any of this. they want a picture with tiger and obama. >> thank goodness so many american people are smart enough to understand what really matters here and not pay too much attention to the media. >> sean: liz cheney, always good to he see you. >> you, it, sean. >> sean: even though the obama administration and those on the left want to trample your second amendment rights. he fi. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know
6:56 pm
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